Columbia FRS 14 SP walkie talkie

I have a pair of cheapo Columbia walkie talkies that were stored in the basement for years without batteries. With fresh batteries the power on but do not recognize each other to transmit or receive. Is there a place I can get the owner’s manual for this specific model? I found manuals for other models and they do not help. If no manual is available does any one know how to get into the menu to set it up so the units transmit and receive from each other?

Hi, the owner’s manual is available from the FCC EAS (Equipment Authorization System) database.

To use the database, enter the FCC ID for the radios according to the instructions on the form. The FCC ID will likely be located somewhere inside the battery compartment or on the back of the radios.

The first three letters of the FCC ID is the Grantee Code. Enter it in the first field. The remaining alphanumeric characters are the Product Code. Enter it in the second field.

For instance, if the FCC ID is GAFFRS14-SPR, enter GAF in the Grantee Code field and FRS14-SPR in the Product Code field. Entering the form should return a page similar to this:

Click on the Detail link under the Display Exhibits column and it should return a page like this:

Click on the users manual in the View Attachment column and it should take you to the owners manual for your radios.

The reason I did not link directly to these pages is because the links have a request timeout and will no longer be valid after a set time.

Alternately, you could simply Google the make and model of your radio. If it is the Columbia FRS-14SPR, You may find the link to the manual ranked number one on the first page, like I did.

Hope that helps.

Thanks a lot. I was not entering the correct model #. Once I did I got the owner’s manual.

The FCC ID search can be a godsend :slight_smile: