Cobra PR4750WX

Hello everyone!

i was given this set of walkie talkies by a family member and after replacing the dead rechargeable batteries they now work okay, but it seems the speakers in them are on their way out and i was wondering how hard would it be to pull them apart and solder in a new speaker?

i know these are kinda old and possibly useless but i think of it as a fun project.

thanks for any advice

You would probably need to locate speakers with the technical specifications that match the old ones.The PR 4750 is an old FRS/GMRS radio. These radios were not intended to be opened and serviced by the end user, so it is not likely that you will find a technical repair manual for them. The question is whether or not it’s even worth investing in the time and parts to do it, if you can even find them. Personally, I wouldn’t spend the time and money attempting to repair them, but that’s just me.

I have two way radios here that I bought in 1981 and they still work perfectly well with no speaker issues. My experience is that speaker failure is very rare. You could pull them apart but finding replacements that will fit seems a bit unlikely? Are they muffled or distorted/rattly?

kinda distorted/rattly and sometimes not always a little bit muffled, also i dont mind spending money trying to fix it as i will keep it for myself and i also like trying to fix electronics