Cobra pr1100wx & Midland GXT950/775

Hi everyone i did a search earlier and nothing came up, I was at work today and we started using 2 way radios, i currently have the Cobra Pr1100wx and my co workers were using either Midland GXT950 or the GXT775. my main question is, would my cobra be compatable with theirs?
We used Channel 3-10 today and their walky’s worked fine and for some reason my walkie wouldnt comply with theirs none of them were able to hear me nor can i hear or talk to them. but i come home and i use the same channels on my other cobra it works and a cheap bell south walky and it works perfectly fine! someone please help!! i need it for work tomorrow night Thanks in advance,
Sorry for the long Post.

Those are both 22ch GMRS/FRS radios. They should talk to each other channel for channel.
Did you have any “privacy codes” enabled?

Keep in mind, if you use the GMRS channels at anything but low power those radios all require a license for each user. Family members are included in the license.
Here is more info:

yeah we used channel 3 privacy 10 but for some reason my cobra couldnt hear or talk to their walkys oh well i just use it to see who’s in the front. i guess ill have to do it the old fashion way n just walk back and forth!

Why not make them work. They should.

Turn off the “privacy codes” first. All they do it block you from hearing others. Everyone can still hear you. Just find a quiet channel, like 8-14.

Also, what about the manuals? They will tell you the frequencies for each channel, which should be the same.