Cobra MT800 vs Li4900


I am completely new to 2 way radios and am finding it difficult to find information as to the wattage of radios. I am going snowboarding with friends and want something to use on the slopes as I’m sure we’ll all get seperated!

The MT800 claims around 3miles and the Li4900 18 miles. There is only around £10 difference between the two sets and so it seems a no-brainer. However, I read that the power is often the same with radios meaning that the extra miles are often meaningless.

Can anyone give me an idea of whether the Li4900 has more power and whether it will really go any further?

Are both legal without licenses? (if you happen to know about the Uk and Europe that would be fantastic).

Which of the two sets would you recommend?

Thanks for your help!

You indicated British pounds… If you are in the UK… sorry. These radios are illegal. These are FRS/GMRS radios which are not legal in Europe. They are USA/Canada legal only (a few other nations too outside of europe)

You must purchase PMR-446 radios.

If you use these FRS/GMRS radios in the UK, you will interfere with public safety and get fined or imprisoned.