Cobra MR HH425LI VP

Does anybody hear have experience with these radios? A few sites advertise these as “Cobra MRHH425LIVP VHF/FRS/GMRS Two-way radio”.

One of my questions is do they really transmit/receive on FRS channels, and if so, at what power output. The same question would relate to the GMRS frequencies as well.

I would definately obtain an FCC license if I decided to purchase these radios, and of course would not be using the VHF part of the radios as I am somewhat landlocked here in Idaho…

The Cobra MR-HH425LI-VP does transmit and receive on FRS/GMRS channels. It transmits 1/2 watt on FRS and up to 5 watts on GMRS. You can find full specs including the owner’s manual at

Thank you for the reply Rick. This radio appears to have a much more substantial antenna than many of the GMRS/FRS radios. I was wondering how they are getting away with this for use on FRS radios, though after seeing the channel chart below I see that they are not using any “FRS only” channels, just those shared with GMRS. It seems that this radio may have better performance than the FRS/GMRS bubblepack radios the box stores sell. JIS7 water resisitance, Li-on batteries, these radios offer a lot. Any chance of a review of this model on this site in the near future?

Another plus with these radios is that we could use these in the VHF mode legally in Idaho while on our jetboats steelhead fishing.

GMRS/FRS MR HH425LI Service Type Frequency (MHz)
Channels Channels
1 1 GMRS/FRS 462.5625
2 2 GMRS/FRS 462.5875
3 3 GMRS/FRS 462.6125
4 4 GMRS/FRS 462.6375
5 5 GMRS/FRS 462.6625
6 6 GMRS/FRS 462.6875
7 7 GMRS/FRS 462.7125
8 Not Available FRS 467.5625
9 Not Available FRS 467.5875
10 Not Available FRS 467.6125
11 Not Available FRS 467.6375
12 Not Available FRS 467.6625
13 Not Available FRS 467.6875
14 Not Available FRS 467.7125
15 15 GMRS 462.5500
16 16 GMRS 462.5750
17 17 GMRS 462.6000
18 18 GMRS 462.6250
19 19 GMRS 462.6500
20 20 GMRS 462.6750
21 21 GMRS 462.7000
22 22 GMRS 462.7250

That’s a great suggestion, Sledman. I’ll see what we can do about writing a review on the Cobra MRHH425LIVP in the near future.

That would be much appreciated!

i bought one. it works pretty good
works with both Marine band radios and GMRS. It also scans between the two.
I got the optional mic ( way over priced ) also battery life seems to be very good.