cobra li6000 series low audio

I bought cobra 17 mile range li6000 series. the WX receive audio is great, but the two way comm receive audio is lousy, like someone is talking far away from the mic, though they are loud and 2 inches away. Is there a way to boost this, or is there a mic input setting to get better audio?

Hi, thanks for your question. When you say the receive audio is “lousy”, do you mean that the sound volume is too low or do you mean you are getting static or other interference that may be making it difficult to hear?

If the problem is just a volume problem, check to be sure you are using the radio on the highest volume setting. If you are already on the highest volume setting, then I am not sure where the problem could be. I have not heard a complaint regarding the volume of the LI6000 before. If you are only having the problem with one radio, then it is likely that you have a defective unit. This would be unlikely, however, if the same problem is occurring with both radios.

If your problem is with static or other interference causing the transmission to be difficult to hear, then your problem is most likely related to range. This can happen if you get towards the edges of your range limit. To get maximum range out of the radios, be sure that the radio is in high power mode and that you are on a channel other than 8-14. Channels 8-14 are only for the FRS service which has a .5 watt limit, so if you are on these channels the radio will automatically switch to low power mode.