Cobra LI 7200-2 WXVP versus CXR900

I have seen some pretty good reviews of the LI7200 (2008) in this forum. I saw that the CXR900 (2009) are now available from cobra. A few questions…

  1. Is the 900 simply an updated version of the 7200? They look pretty similar. Are they essentially the same?

  2. It seems the range of the 900 is “claimed” at 30 miles and the 7200 – 27 miles. I know that the ranges are ridiculous, but is it fair to say that the greater advertised range means that the newer radio will have (marginal) increased range?

  3. since both use the 1500mA batteries, is there a way to know if the battery will last as long?


Anyone? Thoughts?

really… there has got to be someone out there who knows something about this?

Don’t hold your breath. I waited a long time for an answer to this post:

I finally gave up. I see you’ve been waiting for well over a month :frowning:

This forum needs a good Christian burial …

No one answers because no one here has an answer. These radios are new, and it takes time for them to enter the market and get enough sales to get people on the forums to discuss them.

I agree about the forum. I think the subject matter is so banine that people post once or twice to get their question answerd and then they leave never to be heard from again.

substantively though… i think the answer to your question is just that its marketing. look at the specs. if the radio tranmits in the same number of watts then your looking at the same range for all practical pupposes. Im certain there are radio geeks that will jump out of the rafters to point out how wrong i am because of the differences in antennas and x and y and all kinds of other minutia… but when you break it down… 95 % of the range is based on transmitting watts.

so if they both have 5 watts, (as i suspect), then they are the same animal for all intense and purposes. in other words… dont expect 26 or 30 from either of them or any where near it…