cobra Li 7020 wlkie talkie

i just bought a pair of wlkie talkies off of craigslist i can not get them to work they turn on but have a lot of stuff going on as far as functions what do i need to set them to in order to talk into them ???

When you say they “have a lot of stuff going on”, could you be a little more specific?

This is a GMRS radio so you should be able to get them to talk to each other as long as they are both on the same channel. However, there are other features that can get in the way. Check the privacy codes. In fact, you may want to clear the privacy codes on both radios.

Also, when you buy a used radio, especially from a venue such as craigslist, you never really know what you are getting or if it even really works. Before troubleshooting any device, it is always best to reset it to its original default settings and work from there. Otherwise you may spend a lot of time running in circles.

Did you receive a manual with these radios? If not, I highly recommend locating one and going through it to restore defaults to the features before attempting to actually use it.

no manual when i say a lot of stuff just means they have a lot functions i dont need i just want to communicate through them ? how would i go about restoreing them to there origanal settings

This is an older model that was discontinued but you can still download the manual here. Scroll down to the list of Cobra radios and you will find it.