cobra li-7000-2wxvp

I was thinking of getting a pair of these radios for use around the farm and in the field and for deer hunting. I am currently using a pair of cobra pr3000dx radios. They work ok. Would i see much of an improvement in range or features? I like the fact that the new cobras have lithium-ion batteries. would these keep their voltage for a long time? Does the charger automatically shut off when the batteries are at 100% charged?

I found these at a local hunting outlet for $69.99. They had a mail in rebate for $20.00. Would they be worth it?

You would see a slight range improvement with the Cobra LI7000 as it has a 5 watt transmitter vs. a 2 watt. Battery life on the LI-7000 is around 12 hours. Because of the lithium battery, the LI7000’s are going to be a little lighter than the PR-3000.

The battery charger doesn’t automatically shut off when the battery is full, but this is typical of “bubble pack” radios.

With a lithium Ion battery, I’d think they have to shut off at the end of the charge cycle. A LION would explode.

Thats what i was thinking ill just stick with what i got and possibly upgrade the the batteries to 1000mah batteries and use my old reliable rayovac ps3 charger to get them charged up.

What I posted came directly from a rep at Cobra. I called them to confirm before I posted the message.

I’ll test this myself to confirm…

Ok, here’s the update. About 30 hours ago I put a set of fully charged radios on the charger. The charging indicator is still lit and the radios are a little warm on lower part of the radio on the sides and back. Based on this, my assumption is that the Cobra rep was correct and the charger doesn’t turn off automatically.

I like a good experiment, so I’m going to leave these plugged in for another week or so to see what happens.

Thanks for the info. Would a pair of midland maybe be better for my situation? I was looking at those radios and pair them up with low discharge 2100 mah nimh aa batteries. I noticed others were posting that the battery level indicator dropps one bar real fast but will hold at that level for a long time .

From what I understood, the light never goes off, yet the charge completes.

If you overcharge a lithium ion battery it will explode!!!

Just a word of caution…