cobra li 4900wx how many watts are thay putting out

any one know how many Watts (ERP) GMRS
this microtalk puts out , i have got 1.3 real world miles out of them in the city wow can any one tell me any thing about them , i am also going to get the new cobra 900,s soon i know thay put out 3.5 watts erp \2.25 watt gmrs , bulletproof

The Cobra 900 radios have an ERP of 2.24 watts, per FCC data. See my reviews in the review section. It seems fairly consistent that the Cobras do better in range.

The LI-4900 has an ERP of 1 watt on GMRS frequencies.

out of all the two way radios is the new 900 cobra putting out the most useable real erp wattage?? or do you know of some thing that is putting out more real erp wattage?? it sounds like the cobra is the winner this year ?? is this true or would you put your money some where ??? i like my LI-4900 but think i can find some thing better that will transmit more than 1.3 miles what would you get ?? i will be useing them in the city only . thank you . bulletproof :smiley:

You are getting caught up in the “wattage game” Power is not as important as you think.

Plain and simple… NO handheld radio at all is going to transmit worth a darn without a very good antenna. This is both at the transmit point and the receive point.

No consumer radio is going to give performance like they claim… ever… I don’t care iof the radio transmits 10 or 15 watts… which is not possible.