Cobra CXR900

I was having a warranty issue with some Cobra LI-7200s and was surfing their website when I noticed that they have a new model (CXR900) quoting a 30 mile range compared to the 27 mile range quoted for the LI-7200s.
Has anyone tried these radios out to see if there is a noticeable range improvement when compared with the LI-7200.
Jwilkers - What do you think? By the way, thanks very much for all your previous posts - they’re all very informative and factual.
Thanks again to anyone who can provide a comparison.

I’ve never been able to come close to such claims. Honestly, it is all marketing Hype. The LI7200 has been the only radio I have ever tested that has exceeded 2 miles. I still am astounded on their battery life… amazing! I’ve used the 7200s in a hotel casino with no problems at all. I cannot comment on the new models, as I have not tested them.

Bein an amateur radio operator, using UHF radios, I have never even made 27-30 miles when connected to a base station radio, when trying to talk point-to-point. Honestly… it is not possible for any consumer grade radio.

Thanks for the comments JWilkers. I bought the 7200s based on your review and have been quite happy with them. I was only wondering if you thought there might be any noticeable range improvement with the new CXR900s when compared to the 7200s. My thinking is that if they quote 10% better range, then they should have 10% more range than my existing 7200s since both should have been tested under the same conditions??? What do you think?

The new radios look to have more feaures, bells and whistles… other than that, I honestly do not think you will see much improvement. This is just a “guess” as I haven’t seen any of these new models. I’d need an FCC ID to look at tech specs and see what they improved over the phenominal LI7200

I’ve been around all these radios for many years. All the marketers do is increase their range “claims” They are still the same basic radios. Rules forbid any type of high performance antenna, and power outputs are restricted by battery size and consumption. Cobra HAS largely solved the battery problems by going to its very high capacity lithium Ion battery

A radio of 10 years ago will perform the same as a model released this year.

The only exception to this pattern has been the Cobra 7200, which again… with its phenominal battery, has led the pack in range.

JWillkers, thanks again for your informed, factual response. I’m very pleased with the overall performance of the 7200s as well (range and battery life). But FYI…we’ve gone through a few sets of these due to QC issues (bad transmit button, comatose battery after a few months, battery unable to fully charge when new). All issues have been addressed via warranty and they’re a great radio otherwise.

Sorry to hear that you have had problems. I thought I had bad batteries at first, but then realized the batteries were simply still “full” and the charger sensed that and kept the lights off. The manual said the light would be on, regardless of charge state, which confused me. Happily, I can say, everything was fine… I guess the equipment was smarter than I was :slight_smile:

At any rate,… I’m glad I could be of help… that is what the reviews are for, and that is wht I am here for :slight_smile:

I got the specs on the CXR900 It looks like 2.24 watts output ERP, which is greater than the LI7200. I guess we will see what happens when they come out.

I got a pair of the CXR 900s. very nice radios. brief outdoor test looks like at least 2 miles (simplex) in a suburban environment. will post more when I test these babies out… battery life so far is phenomenal.

Wow… seems pretty nice then… it is rare for these radios to exceed 2 miles.

yes i thought so too! tested on flat terrain, suburbs with some trees (not a ton) though. The other person was on the other side of a large park (the park is actually mostly soccer/baseball fields without trees). will see how it goes when i hit the woods camping, though. I suspect my range will drop…



Re: Cobra CXR900 or prior.

regarding the 3.5mm headset, there is 3 pieces of metal seperated by an insulator. end longer section located closer to the cable, middle, and the tip wich is farther away from the cable.

Does any one have the information on the connection of speaker, mike and common “ground” to the speaker and the mike is connected to the 3.5mm plug.

any information would be grately appereciated.

oh and as a test of the battery, which is ridiculously good, I kept the radios on scan… they stayed on close to 24 hours without going out!

COBRA PLUG-INHi to everybody
Do anyone ever thinked to make a .nfo .txt viewer plug-in for cobra/gamecube???

You have the wrong forums altogether… We discuss 2 way radios here… not video games.


any new info on the crx900 ,how far will thay go in the city ??

Did some further testing. Been away awhile.

In the city the radios drop off considerable. Can go many clocks but I’d bet they are less than 3/4 mile. probably around 1/2?

In the woods signal drops too, but about 3/4 mile I would guess.