Cobra CX210 Transmit Output?

I bought a bunch of Cobra CX210 Microtalk FRS/GMRS radios, advertised with the usual “up to 20 mile range” stuff. I bought them at a great bargain price and they appear to be very fine units.

My question: I would like to know what the power output is on the GMRS channels (or, in other words, the high power output for this radio.) I want to know because it will help me roughly estimate battery life based on usual key-down time. I know that on the FRS channels power out is about 500 milliwatts.

I cannot for the life of me find the answer. I have researched all the manuals, manufacturer sites, dealer sites, everywhere. Anyone know?

What is the FCC ID of the radios?

I have no idea how to even go about finding out. I looked in the manual. I looked on a bunch of websites. All the FCC ID searches require that you already know the FCC ID. I am stumped.

The FCC ID should be located in the battery compartment of the radio.

thank you very much for your help. With your hints I found the FCC ID in the battery compartment. Then I did an FCC ID search and found the test reports on this radio. ERP is 0.5 watts for FRS channels and 0.9 watts on GMRS channels. More important for the battery life is input, which is 1.44 watts (4.8 v at 0.3A) for high power and 1.10 watts (4.8v at 0.23A) for low power. This will allow me to estimate battery life given certain transmit duty cycles.