Choosing between Midland GXT895VP4 and GXT1050VP4

I’m looking into purchasing a set of Midland radios and am looking for some advice. I originally found the GXT895VP4 and it fits my needs perfectly. I then recently found the GXT1050VP4 after I purchased the other radios(currently in transit). I have the option of returning it for the GXT1050VP4, but is it worth upgrading for the extra channels and the car charger?

The Midland GXT895VP4 and GXT1050VP4 both have the extra channels, so there is nothing to gain there. The only added features are Group Mode and Caller ID (which is only available in Group Mode). I have a set of GXT1050 radios and I never have a need to use either feature myself.

The car charger is a plus if you plan to use your radios on the road a lot, however keep in mind that they only charge the radios while in the charger base and don’t directly power the radios. Midland DC adapters, batteries and other accessories are also sold separately.

The “extra channels” are not extra frequencies. There are only 22 FRS/GMRS frequencies, so you aren’t gaining anything there. They are simply the same GMRS frequencies pre-programmed with specific privacy codes.

For more information, here is an article that explains it all:
How Midland’s “Extra Channels” Work (Updated!)