Chirp question for a Kenwood radio

I’m trying to program one of my works repeaters using chirp, issue I’m having is we use Kenwood radios and I’m programming a non Kenwood radio. one of the parameters is that its using a NXDN encoding with a RAN DEC of 8
Chirp is not giving me this option, how can I work around this on a non Kenwood radio?

I don’t think non-Kenwood radios use the radio access number. I wasn’t even aware Chirp did either? If you are using this system instead of conventional CTCSS style tones, for cleverer systems, you are I think, stuck using Kenwood equipment.

Thank you, I’m going to try cloning from one of the Kenwood portables into chirp and write to the Baofeng and see how that works

RAN is the NXDN (really just Kenwood and Icom solutions) equivalent to the P25 NAC or the DMR Color Code.

Sounds like trying to program a non-NXDN radio to a NXDN digital system.

Just a thought - what make is the non-kenwood NXDN radio? That might help. Stupid question, but it really is a digital radio?

Currently, Chirp does not support most digital radios such as DMR and NXDN. Your only choice is usually the factory software. There will also be cable issues because most digital radios have the chip embedded in the radio and the USB cable is a simple pass-through device, versus analog radios where the chip is in the cable itself.

If you are using a Baofeng digital radio, it only supports DMR. As others have said, NXDN is only supported by Kenwood and some Icom radios.

On most digital radios, one has the option of analog or digital. If you need to mix brands and protocols, it can sometimes be simpler to switch back to analog on all the radios. You will lose the digital features, but that is the price of your organization trying to integrate cheaper Baofeng radios into a Kenwood protocol.

Its my own radio, its a TIDRADIO TD-H8 I was just hoping to use it on the go on occasion.
Not a big deal, cant seem to find out if its digital or analog.

The TD-H8 is an analog radio.

Which explains why it’s not going to work.