Chinese low power radios for PMR446

Here in England, I’m avoiding selling PMR446. The Motorola twin packs are so cheap now that no other brand really stands a chance. One of my usual suppliers sent some interesting images on the integral antenna designs of their new hand held and suggested they would program them for PMR446 in terms of power and channels. $39 for 2 - I did the sums and thought maybe? Then the bombshell - 2 small radios - $30 for the shipping. Buy ten and shipping drops to $20. Buying a hundred is cheapest in ten separate parcels, at the $20 rate. UK tax is added at 20%. A dealer is selling the Motorolas on ebay for a price that would make me lose $3 on the Chinese brand, and nobody would buy the unknown brand for more than the Motorolas!

They’ll simply never sell these radios here - a totally pointless product, no matter how good they are. The increased shipping charges from China will probably slow down the worlds China import problem far more than quotas!

here is a good read from the kenwood site thought you might want to have a look?

Yes the digital radios can be quite good with dPMR 6.25KHz channels but the whole band plan is offset by 3.125KHz so many general purpose radios cannot talk to things like Kenwood and of course a Radio trying to do narrow band on non offset channels wipes out two digital ones.

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