Cheap aftermarket headsets for Cobra's... can phone headsets be used?

I bought a set of CXT225C Cobra radios. I want to use them hands free with an earbud/mic, however I see the jack is tinier than normal. I am wondering if I can use cordless phone headsets with these or if I am forced to buy a GMRS specific headset? Trying to save money :smiley:

While some cordless phone headset connectors may fit the Cobra radio, they may not necessarily work. Headsets for cordless phones are roughly the same price as the headsets for Cobra radios, so if you are going to purchase one anyway, why not get one that is specifically designed to work with the radio?

We carry the Cobra Mini Boom Microphone (GA-BMIC-B) and Cobra Earbud Microphone (GA-EBM2).Each is $20, about the same as your average headset for a cordless phone.