Charging accessory

I need a second charger. I have a motorcycle buddy whos gonna keep a radio and I keep one so we need 2 chargers, not a dual. Personally I think it’s kinda weird that you don’t get that option. Anyway, I was wondering which charger set to get for a Midland GXT-800-VP4 Radio? I THINK it’s Midland AVP-4 Dual Desktop Charger with Batteries but the ad says it only goes up to GXT750 radios.:confused:

If you went with some good high capacity rechargable batteries instead of the battery packs that come with some radios , you could get a charger like the maha or similar and always have a charged set ready to go in thier own charger. You would have double or triple the runtime using this method.
Just a thought.

I appreciate the suggestion but for the money and trouble I’d just as soon buy another set if I knew for sure which would work. :confused:

The Midland GXT-800 does not work with the AVP-4. The 800 is a thicker radio because of the way it is made. At this time Midland still does not offer a seperate charger for the 800.

Right now the only bubble pack radio with 2 chargers is the Uniden GMR-1588.

That really makes these a pain in the butt…

I called Midland and they will sell the charger for $39.95 PLUS $9.95 SHIPPING. Richard had the best idea after all. I can buy a nice peak charger and batteries for less. I would have never bought these if I knew how screwed I was with the charger. I thought I was getting an AC AND DC charger, not just different cords for the same charger… If you want to keep the radios in separate places the Midland 800’s are NOT the radio to get!:mad:

Frank wrote; “Right now the only bubble pack radio with 2 chargers is the Uniden GMR-1588.”
Do you know if the power output of theese radios is 2 1/2 watts erp as advertised?
I could not find it in the fcc database, and I can get a pair for $30
at a local pawnshop.

No, based on the FCC report the Uniden GMR-1588’s “true” maximum power is 1.36 watts. This is in “Boost” mode. It’s not 2 1/2, but its actually not bad compared to some similarly priced models. The 1588 has a lot of features as well: direct call, group mode, scramble, weather channels, vibrate, etc.

If you can find a set of these for $30, you might want to jump on it. Don’t forget to post a review. :smiley:

In case someone else wants to look up the FCC report, The FCC ID for this model is AMWUT018.

Thanks for the info.
I will check back and see if they have sold yet, at this time of year things move pretty quickly there.