Channel/Frequency List

I tried a search, but couldn’t find what I needed:confused:. Does anyone have a list that shows the frequency assigned to each of the individual channels 1-22 in a typical GMRS/FRS radio? In part, I was wondering if all of the channels are simplex.
Thanks in advance.
Tom M.

Here is the list:

CH. No CH. Freq. CH. No CH. Freq. CH. No CH. Freq.
1 462.5625 9 467.5875 17 462.6000
2 462.5875 10 467.6125 18 462.6250
3 462.6125 11 467.6375 19 462.6500
4 462.6375 12 467.6625 20 462.6750
5 462.6625 13 467.6875 21 462.7000
6 462.6875 14 467.7125 22 462.7250
7 462.7125 15 462.5500
8 467.5625 16 462.5750

  • Channels 8~14 are low-power FRS license free channels

You can also find this information in any of the manuals for the GMRS radios on our website

Hi Frank,
Thank you very much for the information. I did try to find the list on the website, but being new, I wasn’t familiar with how reference material was stored. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Tom M.

Does anyone have the frequency list for the extended channels 23-50 on the new Midland GXT 1000?


Those are actually the SAME 22 frequencies, just with a hardcoded CTCSS tone. (similar to last year’s GXT900 series) I’m woking on my review of this radio (Hopefully completed on my day off Friday [day after tomorrow]) and I can attempt to get the frequencies/codes for them.

There seem to be channels which are listed as both FRS and GMRS. Does that mean that on those shared channels you would have to, manually, set the radio to low power in order to transmit as FRS? Conversely, would setting the power to high setting, mean that one was transmitting on the GMRS “network”. Sorry, if some of my terms are incorrect. Hopefully, my meaning still comes through.