Change Frequencies on Radius models

This is probably the dumb question of the week But can you change the freq’s on a radius from 42-50 mhz to the 136-174 mhz freq’s radios look so much the same I was just wondering
Allan B

No - all radios come in common model numbers, but with a specific band - Not just Motorola, but pretty well all brands. Some are very tight - so a 400-450, or 420 to 470 will be different radios. In general, radios internally are a receive unit, transmit unit and a programming unit - then another section to handle the mics and loudspeakers. The cost of conversion means buying a new radio is cheaper. Think of it like a car - they look the same but converting right hand drive to left hand drive and changing from one fuel to another is just not on.

Thanks paulears was just wondering seeing the motorolas look so much alike inside , You answered my question
Thanks Again
Allan B