Certified vs Uncertified Radios?

Hi: Just recently licensed and I have a question…I guess I am sort of confused about the proper type certified radio to purchase…I am also a licensed radio amateur, so I was thinking there might be a legal radio that would allow transmission on both the GMRS and Ham bands…I can’t seem to find one…Could anyone advise me on this issue? Thanks,

Steve WRAW258, KA1OWC

Ok… well. As you know, amateur radio operators can legally use Part 90 radios. There are some radios that are certified for both Part 90 (business) and Part 95A (old GMRS rule part, now Part 95J). Most of these are older radios, as manufacturers have gotten away from the dual certifications, partly due to the new narrow band mandate for business radios.

It would be a matter of doing an FCC ID search: https://www.fcc.gov/oet/ea/fccid