CB radio signal

Can anyone tell me if I am getting a signal on my tti CB radio that over 5 on the CB not the SWR metter Just the CB is that good or bad for CB radios

I’m not sure I understand the question. Are you asking if receiving a signal at more than half strength would hurt a radio?
If so, the answer is no. Receiving a weak or strong signal doesn’t have any harmful effect on the radio receiving it.

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Hi sorry about this but all I was trying to find out is that my CB radio is given me 5 bar signal on the radio is this good to talk on or do I need a better signal than 5

We are based in the US and do not sell that make or model, as CB is different here than in Europe, so I don’t know what the 5 represents on the scale it is using to measure the signal strength. Is it 5 bars out of 5, 5 bars out of 10? Perhaps another member who is in your region and is more familiar with this brand of radio can provide a better answer to your question.

You seem to be getting a bit confused here. On receive your radio uses the meter to indicate signal received signal strength but on transit it’s an indication of output power - but if the antenna is a poor match, the meter is not reliable at all.

You mentioned you have a VSWR meter - this is your only indication off power output. It will be digital, with a nice display that tells you VSWR and probably power output, or it will have meters that swing. If it has two meters one shows power going out while the other shows reflected power. reflected power means the antenna is performing poorly and is of course wasted power. If you have one real meter there will be a switch that you set to forward and adjust the meter for maximum, then you switch the switch and it reads reflected 1:1 is perfect, 2:1 is kind of just lovable, but over 2, and something is wrong. On transmit, the meter on your CB only gives meaningful results when the VSWR is less than 2:1 Does any of this fit your question, because it’s not that clear what you are actually asking?
"Can anyone tell me if I am getting a signal on my tti CB radio that over 5 " over 5 on receive strength means pretty much loud and clear. If you mean it reads 5 when you transmit, I frankly don’t know because yours is a digital meter and we don’t know what it goes up to? It could be an arbitrary number - maybe 1-10, or it could be Watts? So 5 is more than you’d expect. Best we can do without more detail and context? Treat us like we are thick - and explain exactly what you are doing, what the connections are, what the equipment connected is and where these numbers appear.

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It 5 out of 10 on the radio signal is that go od to transmit on or wil I need to get a better signal that all I am in asking

I’m really sorry - it is 5 out of 10 on receive, as in signal strength or 5 out of 10 if you transmit? That sounds pretty poor. Have you checked the VSWR on your meter?

Ya I am Get just over to 1.5 down range on SWR metter

Yes now I have it the way you can explain this is 100% and how you no your things about all this I hopeing to be were you are if a few years your help was very grateful to me and getting me to understand how this works thanks so much for your help

If the SWR is 1.5, then I’d be happy living with this and it means it’s a pretty good match, not perfect, but good enough for the radio to be happy. Paul

Paul thanks very much for your good time to help me with this all the best 73 to you