CB radio signal SWR

Can anyone tell how to fix SWR metter give high reading it over at top of the metter I getting a 4 reading and On the bottom I am getting 1.0 this Is on SWR metter is this to do with my antenna by chance

That reading means a 4 to 1 SWR. Not very good with out a means of lowering or compensating for that ‘4’, or an impedance matching device (tuner or tuned circuit). “Perfect” would be a 1:1. SWR is a ratio between forward and reflected ‘power’ which can be measured by either voltage or current. It’s sort of complicated till you “catch on”… then you wonder why you ever thought it was hard to understand.

A high SWR on channel 40 and low on channel 1 suggests your antenna is too long and needs to be shortened.

Hi I am Get the same reading on ch 40 and CH 1 not it is 1.5 just under it

That’s kind’s odd. But, nothing wrong with a 1.5:1.