Cb radio hand helds

Breaker 19 breaker 19
Anyone got their ears on?
Some times I would get
out my hand held cobra
50WXST cb radio and see if I can get out
I bought
a telescoping cb antenna for it
I pick up lot traffic don’t know
If it is skip. Last time someone was radioing for a smokey report .
I tried to call for a break for a radio check
no one answered.I don’t mind listen
to listening to ham radio but
I miss talking on the cb radio does anyone else miss talking on the cb radio ?

The hams can talk rubbish as well as the CB folk - the one thing that really gets me is the bad language on CB - at least that is rare on ham bands, but I’ve stopped listening to digital ham radio, analogue ham radio and the other bands now because the total rubbish being sprouted just makes me wonder what the radio hobby has become - the standard falls and falls. Not being able to have some bands on in my office because of the language is very sad.

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Well back than when you need a cb liecese to talk on it life back than was better we had a family channel on the cb radio channel 1.
No.bad language
Your required to have good manners when talking on that channel.
Yes I have heard some filthy language
Like some one’s handle
Green and yellow donkey-‐--------’.
And bleaching meaning burping on the air.

We played Chess long distance, People were respectful and Life was good. Kids got CB handhelds for Xmas and everyone new they would be on Ch14 and they were left alone. CB was a great community builder. We had CB breaks at a family restaurants and hundreds came to meet and share knowledge.

So why don’t we get back to that life style.
My handle here is StarSeeker.
I miss that way of life
I remember the cb clubs we had one I was chosen to make channel hog award it was made from a bleeh bottle because the shape of a pig or hog made strong legs for it than made slot on top and put a made hatch on the bottom
The person who stuck with that award he or she put 2$ in change into channel hog award at the end of the the award be full and the money in the award would pay for cb party at the end of the year it was very popular

I feel a bit of nostalgia toward CB radios, sure. There were no cell phones and talking car to house was a pretty cool thing to this kid (at the time). Ham and GMRS are far better replacements but, as a technology, it’s never going to replace hands free dialing on a blue tooth car phone for ordinary communication from car to house. Still, it’s a great medium for making friends (that you’ve never met in person) and passing a commute home - to say nothing of emergency coms needs. But sure, I sometimes wonder what it’d be like to turn on a CB and see what’s out there. Sadly, I’ve heard nothing positive about it in years, so I haven’t done so.

I still have a CB in my vehicle and use it almost everyday to shoot Skip. I also use it on road trips (CH19) talk to truckers and learn about road conditions, Traffic and where them smokeys at! Lol. Not much AM traffic unless the Skip is in for them as well and just hear a bunch of people yelling at each other. It is a shame it was certainly a time and still is a great medium for communications. I think GMRS is taking on the role to some degree now days.

Handle is Viking

There is traffic on cb radio
I wi ssd h cb radio will come back . Yesterday I heard on my hand held cb radio this guy African American said he was getting ready for Thanksgiving getting a mess of hog fat and deep fry hog chow and possum
Turnip greens etc etc

I’m a trucker and have one in my truck. I use it almost daily. It has saved my bacon when coming up on a traffic backup. I’ve had truckers give me quick driving directions to get me around these backups. They are also used at several shippers and receivers to contact the shipping and receiving departments. Moreso now than before since Covid has people scared to death. CB is definitely not dead. They are still for sale in most truck stops. Modern CB’s have bluetooth connectivity and wireless headsets. They can be used to make phone calls and have weather bands and mine even has weather alert.


Same with mine has NOAA weather
I miss truckers miss talking to them.
Trucking was the only career that not effected by the pandemmetic
I hope you can hear on ch 19 some time and talk to me. I 'm Star seeker

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I believe CB is still alive. If you are lucky to live in a rural area or small town you likely won’t have to deal with all the senseless garbage you hear in the cities. It’s still a good backup if the phones go down. I would recommend a SSB model for improved range and channels. I’m also a big fan of GMRS due to the sound quality and available power. Easier setup in a car also since the antennas can be much smaller.

A question I got a telescoping cb antenna for hand held cb radio but how far can I get out? And who can hear me?

Well at 4 watts ( legal power output) with a telescoping antenna your range may be better but don’t expect any great distance. Height is mite. anyone who is close enough with a CB could technically hear you.

There was a time when everyone was a liecese cber every night ch 1 was full.of interesting chat

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I was also a CB user for a long time until the FCC stopped licensing stations that’s when all ■■■■ broke loose that’s why I left CB radio for gmrs. And the languages on the air at least gmrs not as colorful as it is on the CB band

In time for Christmas
The grinch lied to the FCC about cb radios that they don’t need lieceses
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