cb or 2 way radio?

Whats better for range and can use for communicating between two people like in the mountains/forest/home. Whats the pros and cons of both?

You could get better range outdoors from a CB radio than a “bubble pack” GMRS radio. CB radio signals travel farther outdoors than the UHF signals of a two way radio. CB radios are also more readily adapted for an external antenna since most CB models are designed for use in a car and actually require an external antenna.

CB’s have many disadvantages as well. If you are using a big external antenna on your car or home, you are kind of stuck in those locations. You don’t have the mobility of a small handheld GMRS radio. You could work around this by getting a handheld model, like the Cobra HH-ROADTRIP. This would get better outdoor range than a GMRS radio, but they are still much larger. CB frequencies are also much less private than GMRS. CB communication is intended as sort of a public forum, whereas with GMRS people tend to expect that their conversations are limited to those within their group. Finally, CB signals are not going to work well at all from within a building or home unless you have an external antenna mounted outside.

I’m not exactly a CB expert, but I hope this helped.