Caravan/Convoy UHF GMRS Two-Way Radios

Which is the best? Appreciate any suggestions :eek:

Think I have it narrowed down to these-

Midland GXT1000VP4
Uniden GMR3699-2CK
Motorola MR350R

Motorola looks cheap; but does have NOAA, Mini-USB Charge, & Dual Batt.

Midland looks the biggest and too complicated; pros being NOAA, Water Resist., Group Calling, Dual Batt.

Uniden looks the best designed but no dual batt.; pros being NOAA, Submersible, Group Calling.

Should I get the Midland or Uniden; leaning towards the Uniden as it looks to have the best antenna and possibly reception; anyone know the wattage on these?

I’m having to buy new radios as my Motorola EX500’s were F!@#$%g Stolen :mad:

Mods have you any experience with these units?