Car to Car Communications

Hi All,

I posted this under Introductions but got no replies so I thought I would post it here. I hope I have not violated any forum rules.

My wife and myself are moving from NY to AZ. I will be driving a moving truck and she a car. We will be in close range with each other (1 or so miles). We would like to use something other than cell phones to communicate and were thinking of walkie talkies.

If so, can we use them inside a closed car and truck (will the metal body interfere with reception.

We will be on the road all day but only use them if we need to tell the other that a rest stop is needed or if one needs fuel. Can the walkie talkies stay on all day so they can signal when the other person is trying to communicate. How long will the battery charge last if little time is spent talking.

Can anyone recommend the best brand or model based on the above information.

Please feel free to make any comments and thank you for sharing your knowledge.


Why not just use cell phones? :confused:

I guess you could use a little FRS radio but car to car I wouldn’t expect more than a half mile range at most.

FRS radios will work… but the internal vehicle metal will seriously limit your range. a half mile or so will be your best range, although this varies with radio and vehicle type. I’ve heard several vehicle caravans on FRS, so I do know it is being used effectively.