Car charger and the GTX1000vp4

Can I use just the car charger to recharge a GXT1000VP4 without pluging it into the desktop base?

Unfortunately you cannot. The DC adapter that is included will only work with the charger base.

The microphone jack on the side is listed as also being a charge port, but I don’t know of anyone that makes a vehicle charger to fit it.

Thank you for the prompt replay.
I will check with Midland;) and see if I can get just the desktop base without anything else, so I can charge a radio in the truck.:slight_smile:

I checked with Midland about the car charger set up.
They sent me (free of charge) another desk top base and a cig. lighter plug in to use in the truck.
I did not expect to receve anything from them.
They also do not knowof anyone making a car charger for direct charging of the GXT searies radios.

That is very cool of Midland to do that!

Since I last posted, I have bought 2 pair of the midland GXT 1000’s :slight_smile: and 2 (two) of the Midland GXT 5000’s,:slight_smile: I am using the 5000’s and have no issues with them, I like them better than the G11’s and prefer them over the GXT 1000’s.
I am in north west Arkansas, the turrean is hills and valleys, and use the radios around my property and sometimes at work with my cousan, (we do have Icom4011’s with the work frec’s but sometimes don’t want others to hear us.LOL):rolleyes::wink: I mainly use the GXT’s for communication between the house and my work shop, all though I have used them in conjunction with a mix of Baio fang 666’s and a ICOM 4011 with the GMRS frec. that I normally use programmed in.