Can't get Motorola MR350R to talk

I have two Motorola MR350R radios and I can’t get them to talk. I have set both to the same channel, same interface eliminator code, same QT code and i get nothing when I press to talk. I put one of the radios on scan and tried to talk from the other, and when I do the scanning radio stops on a completely different channel and only makes static. Help.

Pretty sure that QT is just on/off, and that if enabled you have to use the Call function to get the other radio to listen reliably.
If you didn’t use call (and were broadcasting very short messages) it’s possible the other radio would never break sqelch.

For testing purposes I’d start with no PL or QT, then add PL, then add QT if you want it.

If someone can clarify or correct, pls chime in.