Cannot transmit/broadcast

I own Motorola SX900R two-way radio. When hunting I can hear others talking to me but they cannot hear me when I answer them back. I press the talk button to transmit, get the audio beep, talk but no one can hear me. I dont know if I have mistakenly turned something off or what. Please help!

Sounds to me like a privacy code issue. You will want to make sure your radio is set on the same code as the other radios.

Your Motorola SX900R two way radio is equipped with a scan option that allows you to harvest the data necessary to located the proper CTCSS / PL of the other users, also known as a privacy code.
The privacy code does not provide actual privacy, it just ignores everyone without the proper PL code.
If your radio is tuned to channel 1 with no privacy code, it will receive all transmissions on channel 1 regardless of if they are using a privacy code or not. You have to understand how to use the radio before actually using it.
In the days of CB radio, all the frequencies were channeltized - hence when you talked on channel 1 - everyone on channel 1 could hear you and speak to you. With the GMRS walkie talkies - the purpose of the PL is to ignore everyone except the person with the right pl code.
Not all models of walkie talkies uses the exact same codes.
Your model is a more recent model that includes more PL codes and also a DCS code.
I would suggest that you get with the others in your group and decide upon a channel and privacy code before you start hunting.

Remember, these radios do require a GMRS license, it is not a free for all - like the CB radio. The license would include everyone in your family, but has to be used at least once every 10 minutes and or at the end of all transmissions. Operating without a license is illegal and should not be done.

Thank you for the insight WalkieTalkie. I just forgot to mention in original post that we are using channel 6 sub 10. I think (sub 10) is the privacy code you are refering to in your reply. The follow weekend I used older radio and it worked just fine.

You sometimes have to do a little research when dealing with radios.

My Prof in college wouldn’t give me the answer, he would make me figure out what the answer was and apply it to the problem.

Motorola has made many versions of GMRS radios since the inception of the first bubble pack radios some 15 or more years ago.

The first radios only had a couple of channels and they only had a limited amount of privacy codes.

The Talkabout Distance radios I owned only had 5 channels and two emergency channels and maybe 23 privacy codes.

It’s been so long since I read the manual, it is hard for me to remember.

The later versions had more privacy codes, although you could change the frequency step in the earlier versions also, which made a 7 channel radio into a 14 channel radio.

There was always a compatibility issue between them and the neighbors Midland radios.

Midland did this on purpose to give them an edge over Motorola.

It was a Pyrrhic Victory!

Find the model number of the other users radio’s and cross reference their codes and frequencies with your codes and frequencies.

I got a Cobra microTALK CXT145 and im not getting any trannsmisions.I got two of them and they work fine together but they dont recive transmission from othe walkie talkies.Can someone help me out?

Are all the radios set to the same channel? What makes and models are the other walkie talkies?