cannot recive but transits

(sorry for bed [ :wink: ] English, and a lack of knowledge in the techniqual terms, English is not my first languege)

So I have tried to bring back to life my
Motorola TLKR-T3
and they are at a suprisenly good condition.
But, when I tried them, pushed the talk button, the other one in pair staid quite, like it didnt recive the signal. Same the other way around. (They are in the same channel, and I didnt pushed the talk button in both of them in the same time).
I looked in the manuals and I found that you can put them in a speacial mode where they play all what they recive from the channel, which is mainly white noise, and, when you push the talk button in the other device, it recives what i say from the other device and plays it (with a very heavy bacground noise).

So the walkie’s reciver does work, it can recive the other’s signal but only on this annoying mode that plays white noise with it.

I tried everything I could, the manual didnt help me much, there are only 3 videos anout this model online, and they are all reviews in russin XD

What do I do to make the default mode play what it recives?

I know im a big newbie in radios, so thank everyone for the patience!

is this problem not fitted for this forum?
i dont know, maybe im in the wrong place. who do you think could help?

thank you

Hello - I am sorry nobody has responded, but many members have read your post, but we do not understand what you are asking? Could you explain again.

Is there not a forum in your country - where the technical information would be understood better?

The main part I delayed response is language barrier. Also, this radio has no cross tones or docs tones that could cause issues. By glancing at the manual, these ate simple turn on and talk radios.

My only conclusion is the the radios are defective.

paulears, unfortunatly there isnt any forum.

and ill try to explain again.

these are just two simple woki tokis.
when turned on, they do not play what they recive from each other. using a feature in the radio, i found out that they bith transit and recive, but from some reason they dont play what they recive when on ‘normal mode’.

jwilkers, it drives me nuts because its exacly what you said. I guess im just stuck in this mindset that they can be fixed.

Im preety sure Ill just but a new pair.
thanks everyone! :slight_smile: