Canadian needs help finding Motorcycle Comms

Hello Everyone,

Well I am looking for a FRS/GMRS radios AND headset for our motorcycle helmets. Im Canadian so I believe I need radios that follow our 2 watt regulations.

Headset Requirements:
Most people say a headset with a boom mic is better for positioning and most of them come with a wind sock to help reduce wind noise. So I prefer a boom unless you can prove otherwise. I have read some places about alot of these headsets suck after 65mps (104 kph) But usually around that speed Im either in the twisties or on the highway and I would rather watch the road. So if clarity isnt 100% at 100 mph but they can hear me in the city and if I have to yell into it just incase I get lost on the highway or twisties then Im not going to be upset. Just want something usuable. Also decent speakers that are loud would be great.

FRS/GMRS Requirements:
I’m stupid and I dont have a clue what to look for when it comes to these. So they must be compatable with a motorcycle headset (Motocomm, Midland…etc) The idea behind this is my wife is deciding to ride next year :frowning: so I want to be able to hear her just incase she gets scared or if we get seperated. Of course I want the best for quality, distance and would like it to be some what water proof as I might get stuck in a downpoor. I believe most systems come with privacy codes but just incase, I would like some, so no one jumps on with us unless they are in our group. MUST be able to shut that stupid roger beep noise thing off! If it doesnt have it I wont cry

Preferably not spending a ton of money… Lets say under $200 US for the entire setup.

Im not sure what else I would need? I just want something to work on our bikes and have communication within our group. If you guys can help me pick out something out I will test the snot out of it hopefully this year pending weather, I will also write a review on it.

Thank you to all who help,



See the Midland GXT 1000 review post and a bit on midlands motorcycle headset for open face here

The gxt1000 is very water resistant but not totally ipx7 waterproof such as a zumo 550 or 660, but can stand to get wet in light rain. In a constant down pour it will need to be protected somewhat.

An overall good radio with the features and flexibility to meet your needs.

I have used mine in a Starcom1 Digital intercom system with Push To Talk switch on the left hand grip and it works well. The starcom system is expensive but a nice comm system for bikes and integrates rider to passenger intercom, navigation systems, FMRS/GMRS, MP3 Players, Bluetooth, Phone, etc.

Give the midland motorcycle helmet boom/speaker headset and gxt-1000 a look.

Good luck