Can use a mxt115 on frs channels 8to14?

Can use a midland mxt115 on frs channels 8 to 14?
I can’t seem to figure out how.
My club uses channel 9 and ctcs 25 but I can’t seem to get that channel with a mxt115
Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

Hi Dennis, the short answer is no. The MXT Micromobiles are GMRS radios and were released before the FCC rules changed in 2017 that allowed FRS and GMRS to share the same frequencies. As a GMRS radio, the MXT115 only includes the channels that were designated before the rule changes as GMRS only, specifically channels 1-7 and 15-22, plus the 8 GMRS repeater channels. Channels 8-14 were specifically low-power FRS channels limited to 500mW and non-removable antennas. Since the MXT115 operates at up to 15 watts and uses detachable mobile radio antennas, this clearly made it a GMRS radio, and was outside the legal specifications for FRS.

Although the rules changed in 2017 to allowed shared use of FRS and GMRS frequencies by both radio services, channels 8-14 are still limited to 500mW.

Thank you Rick. Is there a Micromobile model available that does support channels 8 to 14?

Not at the present time.