Can Two-Ways be left on indefinitely?

Hi all,

I am in the market for a weather radio. I am looking at 2 models right now.

Midland HH54VP2

Motorola T9680RSAME±+Consumers/Talkabout+T9680RSAME+Two-Way+Radio_B2B_US-EN

The Midland is a dedicated weather radio and costs about $43 street. The Motorolas are primarily FRS/GMRS radios and cost about $52 street.

Ideally, either solution would be left on 24/7. That is the source of my biggest question.

Does anyone know if (both, but I’m particularly concerned about the Motorolas) the radio(s) can be left on their charging docks, turned on, indefinitely? Are they designed to run off “wall power” when plugged in or is it charging/draining the battery?

Does anyone have experience with Motorolas or Midlands (even other models by these companies) left on their charging docks and turned on/operational for long periods of time?


kind of an old thread, but noticed no one answered… Yes you can leave them on the base and on, but after a while this will end up eating the batteries and they will not hold a charge (like an old laptop or cell phone). If you are never going to use it off the base then worry not…