Can the Frequency of a Twoway radio be changed?

Hi all,

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I need to buy an MTS2000 Flashport. The problem is the ones we use are 400mhz and most of the ones that I see sold in America are 900mhz? Or maybe vise versa.

Basically what I am asking is - Can the frequency of a radio be changed or is this something that is done by Motorola at the factory and un-changeable?

It has to be the MTS2000 Flashport I can’t buy anything else.

Any help would be appreciated.



Most high end business radios are programmable, but only within the frequency ranges within which they were designed to work.

It sounds as if the radio you have is a UHF radio, which means it is likely able to be programmed to operate on any frequency within the UHF band, which is typically 435-480Mhz. You would not be able to program this radio to a frequency in the 900 Mhz range.

I am not familiar with the specific model you are mentioning, but there is likely a special version of that model available from Motorola that will work in the 900Mhz range.