Can I use any other radios to communicate with my Kenwood TK-3230's?

I just got these and want to find other radios that might also get on this frequency too. Are there any other radios that would work with them? Thank you

It depends on what type of radio is used and how it is programmed. The Kenwood TK-3230 is a UHF business radio, so other UHF business radios should be able to communicate with it as long as they are all using the same business frequencies as the TK-3230.

This radio is also type accepted for part 95, which means the Kenwood can be programmed for GMRS frequencies. If yours is programmed for using GMRS, any GMRS radio should be able to talk with it as well.

For more information about programming the Kenwood TK-3230 for GMRS, read Using A Business Radio For GMRS.

Hi Rick. I just picked up a Tk-3302u business radio. Is there a manual that shows how I can search the frequencies on this so I can communicate it with my 3230’s?

There is an owner’s manual available for the TK-3302, however it does not list itinerate frequencies for this model. If this is a used radio, chances are it was programmed to frequencies licensed to the previous owner and will need to be reprogrammed by a dealer to the same frequencies used by the TK-3230 radios.

If the TK-3302 was purchased from Buy Two Way Radios, you get free programming for the life of the radio. If it was purchased elsewhere, we can program it for you at a very reasonable cost. Contact us for more details.