can digital fhss 2 way radios be used with a repeater?

Hey I am new to the world of 2 way radios, and I am wondering if digital fhss 2 way radios can be used with repeaters? If it is possible what is the best digital fhss 2 way radios and repeaters to use together?



Due to the nature of FHSS radios, you would need a repeater that also hops frequencies and follow the radios as they changed. To date no manufacturer has come up with this sort of repeater (unless you want to reference an old Nextel phone site which could technically be considered a variation of a FHsS repeater).

The only option for digital with a repeater is a DMR or NXDN system which operates on a single UHF/VHF frequency (no hopping) but transmits digital audio and offers all the digital features: texting, private call, etc.

Expensive $$$

Thanks for the info alphacomm, since it cant be done I am now wondering what is the best digital fhss 2 way radio for range and privacy in an urban setting?

If you have the cash, the DTR series radios by Motorola is your best bet. Go with the DTR550 with removable antenna option, and upgrade to the 1/2 wave 800/900mhz antenna if you want max range. There are plenty other good fhss radios such as trisquare or using a Nextel with blank sim card in DirectTalk, but for durability, quality, range, and features, Motorola has you covered.

There is an extensive review on the DTR series in the product review area, as well as numerous other posts inquiring about range and features. The DTRs out of the box will work, but to do all of the fun stuff purchase the programming cable and download the free software to edit names, quickTXT messages, alerts, etc.


The bands these radios operate on are designed for low-power operation. Repeaters may not be legal.