Can Cobra HH425LI communicate with Midland GXT1000?

Sorry Admin that I have to re-post this question here since I need the answer as soon as possible so I can decide to return the item or not :(.

I have just bought an used Cobra HH425LI from amazon with a pair of Midland GXT1000 thinking that they can cross talk on GMRS but something went wrong.

The GXT1000 can talk to each other just fine but the Cobra can’t receive any message from them (no Rx icon show when I call from the GXT1000).

My question is:
I there anyway I can reset my Cobra to factory setting to make sure I got the right setting?
Has anyone tried to communicate between Cobra HH425LI with other brand on GMRS radio before?
Can they cross talk to each other since Cobra HH425LI also have GMRS band?

What channel is your Midland on when trying to transmit to the Cobra?

I tried all channel from 1-7 and 15-22 on both device but nothing happen.
I also used the scan but found nothing.

I’m thinking about return this one but I have to know for sure since I’m in Viet Nam so return it will take some times. I’m also thinking about order a pair of new HH425LI from Amazon next month but that’s another story. By next month, it will be difficult for me to return the one I have now so I have to return it first.

Are you using a privacy code on either radio?

Both CTCSS and DSC has been turned off on the Cobra. On the GXT1000, both of those is 00 as factory default (I bought them brand new from Amazon).

You said that the Cobra cannot pick up the Midlands. Can the Midlands receive the Cobra?

Both way is stuck. The Midland can’t see the Cobra too. I think I’ll try with Kenwood tomorrow (not sure what model since I saw a shop near my office but haven’t try them before). I also have a pair of small Midland (XT20) but I doubt there will be any difference :(.