is awesome!

So, my family and I were in the market for some two-way radios. In my last three combat deployments (2 to Afghanistan and 1 to Iraq), we used the Motorola Talk-Abouts and they proved to be rugged, reliable, and dependable!

I started shopping online for something similar; tried Amazon, Overstock, and a variety of other online stores, including sports related and military related ones.

I happened across by accident and, whadayaknow! BAM! Here is exactly what I am looking for ~ and it’s a set of three (one for me, the wife, and our son) with all the needed accessories too!

What really impressed me was the price, the detailed description, and the embedded videos!

The price is unbeatable! Well, not really ~ as I did run across some lesser prices…but with conditions that took the competition out. The offers at lesser prices didn’t include all the accessories, such as earbuds with EACH radio, multiple charging methods, and the set of 3. Also, other sites didn’t offer comprehensive details of the product, photos, and videos!

I know where to go for my radio needs in the future ~!

And my fellow colleagues, family and friends will know too!

Thank you for the service!

US Army Jumpmaster and Command Sergeant Major!