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im sorry if ive skipped a thread thats a ditto.
i was wondering if it was possible to have a radio such as the: Motorola XTN XV1100, or Motorola RDX RDV2080d. would work with the talk about series. if not, is it possible to take it somewhere and have it programed with those freqs? and if thats not possible… is there a more rugged radio then the talkabouts, but that is compatible with them? i dont like the little ones i always end up breaking it, i need a bigger more tougher radio. thank you for your time.

The Motorola models that you mentioned are not compatible with the Talkabouts, but what you are asking for is possible. You simply need to purchase a 4 watt programmable business radio and request that it be programmed to GMRS frequencies. This would give you a powerful, durable radio that is compatible with consumer radios.

The radios that meet this criteria are the Motorola AXU4100, BlackBox UHF, and Kenwood TK3202. The Kenwood is the most popular radio for this application because is has enough channels to support all 15 GMRS frequencies, and has a lithium battery that provides up to 18 hours of usage.