business radios for custom harvesters

I’m in the custom harvesting business and need a setup for radios. Typically, we run 1 silage chopper, up to 12 trucks, a scale person, and 1 or 2 pack tractors at the pit. Distance from the chopper to the scales and tractor is usually 20 miles at the most with trucks en route between the chopper and scales. We move around quite a bit so a repeater out of the question. It would be nice to talk to the scalehouse when I’m running the chopper 20 miles away, but more range woud be better. I am always in wide open farm country. Would a 50 watt mobile be enough, and what can of range could I expect with a 110 watt Midland Titan radio? When running the chopper I would need a headset and some kind of PTT switch mouted on the floor that I could press with my foot to key in so I could keep my hands on the controls.

Unfortunately I’m not too familiar with the mobile radios, like the Midland Titan. It might be best for you to contact Midland directly about range on their LMR line of products. Their number is 816-241-8500.