Btech UV 5x3

When using my radio as a police scanner and while listening to the local sheriff’s office I experience the following. The dispatcher begins to dispatch a call. During the verbal announcement the voice cuts out and then in a second or two comes back. Can you suggest a solution.

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Anyway, this radio is an amateur radio transceiver. This radio was not designed for use as a police scanner. As such, you may experience some quirks.

The quirk you are experiencing is possibly that you have the scan mode set to where the radio begins to scan after stopping on a channel for a predetermined amount of time, instead of waiting for the traffic on the channel to stop. Menu option 18, set it to CO. This may correct the problem.

I think it’s stretching it a bit to call it an amateur radio transceiver - it’s suitable for it of course, but it covers far more of the spectrum than just the ham bands.

While these radios can scan, they are not scanners - but the OPs problem is that it starts to receive and then stops. Two things could be happening - the radio is scanning it’s memory bank and while it stops after hearing something, it then goes back into scan, and then stops on the same channel again, producing the gap. The test here is simply to make sure it is NOT scanning, and see if you hear the whole thing, which I suspect you will. I’ve not seen a function in the menu that has a scan restart function, but maybe it’s there, somewhere. If on the other hand, with the radio tuned to that one frequency it suddenly mutes, then I suspect the problem is that a strong signal on a similar but not the same frequency, quite local to you transmits and the poor selectivity of the radio simply can’t cope and, it mutes till the nearby one stops.

Looking at the display will show you if the problem is the scan restarting, if it was being used in scan mode. In the case of desense from another channel, backing the squelch off to 0 might reveal a faint signal from your wanted source and a kind of warbling sound over the top of it from the channel next door.

I think Jwilkers suggestion is probably the correct one - change that menu item to stop it restarting.

True, but all they can be used to legally transmit on are the amateur bands… (In the USA, other nations’ rules may differ)