Btech UV-3X5 need help

When y push MONI the screen show STOP USER ???
so i dont understend the call , I dont no why please some one HELP

I am unaware of a 3X5… Do you mean a 5X3?

The radio has been “Killed” It either needs to be sent the unkill code via DTMF, or it needs reset via the programming software.

Load up Chirp and send the radio the programming file used to program it with last. This will open it up. While in chirp, go ahead and disable the dtmf kill function, so this won’t happen again.

Hello, first thank you for answering me unfortunately I lost everything because my computer was destroyed fire so everything lost what I do not understand the BTECH uv-5x3 receives on the programmed frequencies but I have no sounds and if I press the MONI button I have in the screen, stop user !! and it beeps

Right. I gave you the instructions on how to fix that in my above post. A computer is required. I’m sure you are getting the computer replaced as part of your homeowners/renters insurance.

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