Btech UV-25X2 programming

Hi everyone!
Ive been using Baofeng UV5 radios for a while at the farm, and decided to add a UV-25X2 two-way radio to help my day to day communicatios as some days its very hard to transmit due to trees, or weather.
Ive really in a pickle trying to program the UV-25X2 as i can hear transmissions but i cannot transmit anything, just noise when i speak thru the mic.
I would like to know if anyone could guide me thru this process to program manually my radio.
Thank you so very much.

Noise as in the hisses, rumbles, hums or touring sounds?
To be honest, if the other radios hear this, then there are only a few things to check, after which it’s bad news. First, double check you got frequency dead right, but I’m sure you’ve checked this, and double check the weird scrambling feature is off, plus this model can also be set to different input gains and audio connections. It’s doubtful this is it, to be honest, and sadly it could be faulty.

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Thank you for your reply and sorry for my delay. Its been frustrating as ive tried but probably u r right its a faulty radio. I am thinking getting an Anytone radio see if that will work better with my baofengs at the farm.

i will had a foto file.