Btech gmrs-v1 gmrs

New to GMRS, I have a Midland XLT275 and a couple T75VP5s. Still looking for something with a little more oomph as the handhelds are just a teeny bit limited for range for our purposes. Does anyone have experience with and comments on the BTech above? Shows about 2 watts which would probably be the game changer for our uses. We live 3 miles out of town and would like to be able to reach. We will soon put in a base radio which will probably make this a bit moot but we do some outdoors stuff as well.
Thanks in advance…

I’m not familiar with an XLT. Would that be a Midland MXT275? At last check the T75 is less than 1 watt, so it’s classified as FRS. For a real GMRS handheld, your best option would be the Wouxun KG-805G, which maxes out at 4 watts. This is twice the wattage of the BTech. It’s also repeater capable like the MXT275 and has a removable antenna, both of which would extend range considerably to communicate with the MXT275.

The BTech GMRS V1 is a 2 watt radio, with removable antenna. It also has an FM broadcast receiver in it. This portable also lets you receive the entire uhf ham band and the vhf ham band, plus the NOAA weather channels. BTech also makes a mobile/base unit, the GMRS 50X1 which does everything that the hand held does with 50 watts of transmit power.

Power does not determine range. Antennas do. Three miles with a handheld isn’t going to work. You need a high outdoor antenna.