BT hearing aid compatibility

Our church security team uses Retevis RT21 radios with earpieces. We have a member that began wearing hearing aids. They are Bluetooth and pair to his cell phone snd computer.

I’m trying to see if there are any adapters that will allow his hearing aids to pair with the Retevis Rt21.

Thank you in advance…

You will need a two-way radio Bluetooth adapter for a Kenwood 2-pin accessory output. Cheap ones are hit and miss, and they tend to drop the signal on a regular basis. The only way to find out if they will pair to hearing aids is to try one and see. (If they don’t pair, there are lots of Bluetooth headsets that someone else can use it for.)

I know a few people who have tried the adapters, with very mixed results. Let us know how this work for you. If they are not 100% reliable - which is pretty critical for your use - then an over-the-ear earpiece might be your only solution.