Boy do I feel dumb, well confused at least

I recently received my TYT-TH350. I’ve got the software to program it and that seems to work fine. My question(s) relate to the programming process.

I’m in Essex Cty. MA and I have a near-by repeater in Methuen (N1LHP). It is listed in Repeaterbook as 145.29000, -0.6MHz. So, I think this means the repeater accepts inputs on 5.29 and transmits on 144.69000. Is that right? If not feel free to LYAO and then disabuse me of the error of my ways.

Next, the software for the TH350 has entries for each channel of RX Frequency and TX Frequency. You get to do the add/subtract yourself.

If I’m right about my repeater, then I think I should enter 145.29000 for the TX value and !44.69000 for the RX value.

Thanks in advance for your help and feel free to amuse yourself at my expense. Not a problem :sunglasses:

If it’s the same description as we use in the UK, if I saw 145.29, the the -6, I would take that as my receive frequency and the -6 as an instruction to me to transmit 600khz low. SWL and scanner folk would type in the same figure and ignore the shift.

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So, just the opposite of what I was thinking. Hmmm. OK, maybe I can do some experiments and figure this out.
Stay tuned!

I just googled the repeater - 145.290MHz is 100% the output - so you need to be listening on this one, and the tone for access it 123Hz it says. 600 down.

So, I receive on 5.290 transmit on 144.690 and use 123 Hz for access. Take a look at CH 10. I think this is right.
Thanks again

No - TX frequency needs to be (assuming your 600KHz is correct) 144.690?

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Right. Seems my abacus failed me yet again. I’m off to fix things and give it a try.
Thanks again.