bought a motorola radius cm200 uhf? or vhf?

I dont have a clue,10 bucks at SECOND HAND STORE WITH A A/C DOCK
thanks! how can I tell the difference between them.

The FCC approval numbers on the rear are the key, they’re different for the alternate versions in different bands, so match them with the page on the Motorola site. I can’t copy and paste, the document is formatted so I can’t grab it in this ipad.

There should be a sticker on somewhere on the back of the radio. Copy everything on the sticker and post it here.

Alrighteo then,the back of the radio has these markings
model: AAM50RNC9AA1AN
FCC ID : AZ492ft4856
IC: 109U-92ft4856

I also bought some vhf kenwood tk 250’s hoping to make them all work together,then give them to my local police ( in nicaragua) as they have only cell phones…I have cable and programing disk for the kenwoods,so maybe they will work in concert…thanks !!

According to the FCC ID it’s UHF.

All you need to do is look up the FCC ID of your radios here.

dagnabbit!,oh well…I’ll bring it down south any how,as I think some security types in the resort next to me are uhf,couldn.t hurt to have conntact witht them…thanks loads!!

Operation of those radios without the proper license is a no no… regardless of the country you are in. Some nations have much greater penalties for illegal operation. I really doubt security personnel will take kindly to someone just jumping in, trying to communicate,