Boafeng BF-1909

Greetings everyone, I would like someone to help me, I want to buy a Boafeng BF-1909 but I am not sure about this Radio, I want it to be used in areas of difficult access within a Mall, I have been told that this model is good and powerful, thanks.


It’s a popular 16 channel preset radio. The thing with power is it give people the wrong impression. Receive and transmit have to be reciprocal. If you have dead spots due to concrete and rebar, then yes, squirting out more power means that your signal may well be heard when low powered radios would fail. The trouble of course is that you wont hear any replies, because they don’t have high power. There is also some maths to do with battery life, as high output power means more rapid depletion of batteries. This usually means higher capacity, heavier batteries so this has a bigger heavier battery to compensate. Although I would be happy with this radio’s power, many people panic at the thought of 12 Watts stuck against their head. Again, the maths is available, but high powered UHF radio scare some folk. With hand held radios, the antennas are the weak area, but for work, extra long ones are just impractical.

With things like shopping centres, if people struggle with coverage, it’s repeater time.

Thanks my friend, today is clear for me.