Bluetooth Adapter for Baofeng UV-5R

I wear hearing aids that act as a bluetooth headset. I am currently learning hang gliding, and need to use a 2m radio to communicate with my instructor, and with other fliers. By far the most convenient method for me would be to buy a Bluetooth adapter that fits the mic and speaker jacks on the walkie talkie (e.g. a Baofeng UV-5R), is preferably powered by the radio (so that I don’t have yet another device to keep charged), a wireless (bluetooth) PTT button. The adaptor need s to be able to pair with my hearing aids in their role as a headset. Even more convenient of course would be a 2m radio that has a built in bluetooth.

Can anyone recommend products that might meet my requirement?

Thank you - Rowan

Not in UK as ham licences from radio agency here (Ofcom) does not permit use of ham transceivers from aircraft (or balloons etc) in the licence conditions other than those specifically holding aircraft band transmitters.