Big problem

Okay, here is my situation; I have a set of Cobra Li-7500WX radios that I lent to my brother. My brother’s friend took the radio set, for what reason I do not know, but whilst said radios were in his possession, the power supply was destroyed by the dog that his wife has. The desktop stand is fine, but the cable completely destroyed. Does anyone know where I can find a replacement cable? I contacted Cobra and they said to try RadioShack, whom said to try the Manufacturer, Cobra. I so love the run-around…

The cable says that the power supply is a class 2 transformer, 120V AC/60HZ input with 12VDC 400mA 4.8W output.

Radio Shack WILL have the PS you need. Get on with the same specs as yours. The voltage must be the same, the mA can be more.
When you buy one of these wall warts you get a free tip to fit your charging stand.

Get yourself some 2-wire cable from Radio Shack and fire up the soldering iron. Cut, strip, splice and insulate. Voila! Just make sure the polarity is correct - usually the positive wire will have a raised side, or a white stripe.

It sounds like just the wires are ruined and not the wall adapter itself.

go to wal-mart, target or any electronic store and get a universal power supply